hettan är på

In this hot night
there´s something that´s not right
my leg hurts my stomach aches and my heart
is carried in a bowl that never breakes
so what is wrong
what is going on
in this hot night
i wont pick a fight
and it’s just too hot for love
so why don’t i just fall asleep
instead of thinking of how
this world is too much is too cheap
for me to participate in
just thinking like that is a sin
this hot night
is making my mind stumble on itself
it’s like falling from a well-known shelf
that i built myself a long time ago
perhaps it was in a hot night like this
when we shared
the ultimate kiss
and i took my step
promised my soul never to settle for less
never to enjoy the mess
that unclear ideas and untrue words leave us in
you know that would be the greatest sin
i think i’ll go to sleep now

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